The meeting was opened as always by Venkat Rao, VP Members & Meetings with the chapter news. The highlight was the announcement about the 30th Anniversary celebrations of PMI Frankfurt Chapter in Frankfurt and at the local groups in Saarland, Heidelberg, Hanover and Hamburg. Details can be found on our homepage.

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Diepak Kasi, international trainer and coach presented the first topic “The Power of Vision”. Drawing from his own life story as a background, Diepak effectively demonstrated, why it is important to develop a vision and how a well thought out vision can help one in leading a more meaningful existence. Using the “Wheel of life” as a coaching aid, he helped the audience to visualize how balanced their life is and how to work towards remedying the imbalances.

The second topic of the day “Project Controlling ist Teamleistung” in German language was presented by Thomas Lieb, Partner PMCC Consulting. He started his highly interactive session by involving the audience in drawing a clear distinction between Project Execution and Control and the corresponding difference between the roles of a Project Manager and a Leader. Using practical examples, he demonstrated the importance of project controlling, the various aspects of controlling and the standard methods used for controlling. The detailed slides and worksheets could be downloaded here:

Link - Project Controlling ist Teamleistung

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